Monday, February 9, 2009

Peapod Grocery Delivery - Sweet Deal!

Since this isn't national, I won't quite give it the Hot Deal label, but this is a great offer for those in areas with Peapod grocery delivery service.

Peapod is a service that allows you to order your groceries online and specify when you would like them delivered. Worried that you will get all green bananas? You can order Yellow ones! Concerned you can't use coupons? Well you can, you just give them to the driver!

There is a $60 minimum for ordering and Usually there is a $6.95 delivery fee.

Use this code 20FREEGRC, and you will save $20 off your order of $50 or more and get free delivery for the next 60 days!

This is an excellent idea for moms on the go, and a great reason to try it out! To see if you have PEAPOD in your area, click HERE

Happy Saving!

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