Friday, January 16, 2009

Double Coupons at KMart up to $2

Only 2 days left to save big at KMart with their Super Double Coupons, where they will double manufacturers coupons up to $2! Tons of items are free or pennies if you plan your trip well.

So bust out your coupon stash, and if you don't have one - What on earth are you waiting for? I swear with this economy I have seen at least double the amount of people using coupons from when I started a couple of years ago.

Here is a great site to preview what coupons will be in your Sunday paper, and they also have archives to see which coupons ran in the past. Taylor Town Preview is a great tool for anyone interested in couponing.

Its a little late for this promotion, but I will try and give more notice for next time... But you can order coupons that you want more of, or missed. I use this site The Coupon Master Their rates are super low, shipping is fair and they are super fast.

I have heard of a couple of KMarts not participating, so you may want to call. Also, please note that KMart does not double internet printed coupons.

Happy Saving!

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