Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Resolutions!

What is yours?

Mine is to actually blog, instead of just thinking about it. And save more money of course!

I am currently working some crazy deals at our local grocery store Shaws. They are having a promotion on Proctor & Gamble (pampers, tide) products and General Mills (cheerios).
Spend $30 and get $15 towards your next purchase! It also overlaps with a Baby promotion that if you spend $25 on baby products (hello Pampers!) you get $5 towards your next trip.

So without any coupons here is how it works out. If you have coupons, the deals are even sweeter!

3 Jumbo packs of Pampers on sale at $10each = $30
Get $15 back + $5 back towards your next trip.
Next trip
3 Jumbo packs of Pampers for $30
-$20 in coupons....
$10 out of pocket, with $20 more in coupons for trip 3.....
and so on and so on and shoobie doobie doo...

I currently have about 15 boxes of cheerios, 15 jumbo packs of pampers and enough Tide and Bounty for quite a while.

Stockpiling things we need will help since I am the latest victim of jobloss due to a shitty economy. YAY!

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