Sunday, February 22, 2009

iPod shuffle 1G $29, 2G $39 Free Ship

Apple has quite a few colors in both 1G and 2G size up for grabs. These ARE REFURBISHED, but they come with a full year of Apple protection.
1G holds approx 240 songs
2G holds approx 500 songs

This iPod is just my size for making a playlist for the gym. I will leave the 16G for my husband :) I picked up a 2G in Blue.

Get yours HERE but act fast, there are obviously limited quantities.

Happy saving.


Carebear said...

Thanks for the head's up! I feel like I'm the only person I know without an Ipod - and I'm a music lover too! Didn't realize the price had come down so much on these. Don't know much about them so will have to research. Is this a good option versus the nano or other players Ipod has out there?

Jamie said...

The thing about the shuffle is that you cant create playlists, and there is no screen showing what is up next or now playing. My husband has a 16g which holds tens of thousands of songs as well as an entire series of 30 Rock, LOL. For him, that makes sense... for my use, the gym only, the nano is just right.
HTH :)