Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free outings with the little folk

So now that gas prices aren't so insane, and we can leave the house again...
Where can we go and not spend a penny?

I am the queen of free outings. I am one of those moms who can NOT stand to be stuck in the house, so every day has to be filled. That could become stressful and expensive if you don't learn quickly to simplify it.

Instead of the Zoo try...
Pet Stores - some are better than others, but my kids could easily spend an hour making our way slowly through the departments. We were lucky in that our local shop in Brewster, NY, was quite large and had an extensive fish room and large reptile area. They even had an indoor koi pond where we actually splurged the $.25 on some food pellets.

It doesn't have to be JFK or O' Hare...
Local airports - my kids loves airplanes in all shapes and sizes. Take a drive over to your regional airport and pack a snack for a fun picnic, or you can even stay in the car if the weather isn't great.

Some other hits
Model train stores and train stations - Boy or girl, I honestly don't know one kid that doesn't enjoy trains.
Construction sites - Turn off Bob the Builder and bring them to the real thing. Park across the street and just watch, my boys absolutely love this.

Anyone in the tristate area should consider a day trip to Stew Leonards - it's where Chuck E Cheese and Gourmet Supermarket meet, some have a free petting zoo for several months of the year.

Don't forget the library, the mall (You CAN leave that wallet at home), and your local playground!

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Melissa said...

Great ideas! Thanks!