Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Movie Rental - Redbox

Every week I will try and post a code for a free Redbox rental. This one is good for Monday ONLY.

If you have never heard of Redbox, start HERE

Redbox is great if the locations are convenient for you. Sometimes its a pain to lug the kids into the grocery store just to return a movie, but I have just located a box outside at a gas station a couple of blocks from my sons preschool that is much more convenient. Rental charges are $1 for 1 day. You pay $1 for each additional day you have the movie.

So without further ado.... Here is today's code: 57VH9L
It expires at midnight.



Heather said...

I've seen these, but never used one. How do you go about using the code?

Jamie said...

You enter it on the screen, it will ask if you have any codes to redeem. Good Luck!